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The Story


Built in the 1960's Midstate parts & rebuilders was a national success, resulting in the construction of a sprawling industrial complex in a valley among the hills in Ferguson Kentucky. For years the business thrived and employed thousands of workers but for unexplained reasons in the 1980's the business failed. In the years that fallowed, the once vibrant business decayed into vacant disrepair and set abandoned for decades. 

The place slowly returned to the elements becoming a corps. Rust eats away day by day, while weeds and plants choke it at its seems. The owners locked the gates, sealing it away to its grave, hoping it would decay in peace. But unfortunately the site became paranormally active. Keep out signs were posted, but some teens began to break in to have parties in the empty buildings. They often told stories about signs of someone living there as well as lots of graffiti, including unnatural symbols. Several spoke of stranger phenomenon: cold chills, red eyes in the woods, moving shadows in the dark, the sound of an animal calling out in pain.    

In 2017 on one fateful Halloween night some teenagers had another party inside the abandoned and decaying industrial park. They had strange encounters like others had had  before, only this time, they were attacked by what they say was some kind of creature. The kids scattered and fled for their lives. The caretaker said he heard the screams from his nearby house and came to the front gate where he found a young girl pleading to be let out. But the caretaker couldn't get to his key fast enough. She was drug away into the dark by what the man described as "A shadow with a rams skull head". The police never found her, nor her remains. From then on the gates were locked to keep whatever dwelled there, inside. 

Now, under new management, the park is being allowed to reopen to let people explore for themselves, what truly lurks in the shadows there...  

Get to Know Us

We are a haunted attraction that lets you explore an abandoned industrial park using LED lanterns. Once you are equipped and instructed, you are locked in to fend for yourself. Be warned, everyone who enters must sign a waver, and there is no turning back. 

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